Cressida Campbell The Water Garden 1996

"Although her pictures look naturalistic, they are expertly crafted decorations that have more in common with Japanese Ukiyo-e prints than with Western forms of realism. It is no insult to use the word "decoration", which often assumes a pejorative connotation in the language of contemporary art, because she is a decorator in the same manner as Matisse or Bonnard."

John McDonald in the Introduction for The Woodblock Painting of Cressida Campbell, ed. Peter Crayford, Public Pictures, Sydney, 2008, p.17


Water Garden 1996
woodblock print
32.0 x 90.0 cm
signed with artist’s initials lower left: C.C.

Ms Jenny Jane Carpenter (Philip Bacon Galleires label attached verso bearing collections name)

Salon des Refusés, S H Ervin Gallery, Sydney, 1997
Cressida Campbell, Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane, 1997 (label attached verso)
Important Works on Paper, Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney, 1998, cat.6 (illus. on invitation) (label attached verso)

Ed. Peter Crayford, The Woodblock Painting of Cressida Campbell, Public Pictures, Sydney, 2008, p.345, cat. P9610 (woodblock illus. p.318)